Written Words

This page is a collection of a few of the things I’ve written throughout the last year.


Connection Magazine – 

Connection Magazine is a super, cool local magazine that I freelance for. Here’s the most recent issue, check out my column on page 27.

VirtuArte –

I interned with Holley Creative, a Washington D.C.-based Internet marketing firm, in the fall of 2011. I maintained the social media accounts of my client, VirtuArte. You can see a few of my blog posts here:

5 Must Have Items for Fall

Gender Equality is Also Smart Economics

What 7 Billion Really Means

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dia de los Muertos

KY3 –

This spring I live-blogged a trial for a local NBC-affiliate. Be aware that this was a murder trial, so the link is more graphic than this blog.

Listosaur.com –

I’ve written a few articles for a list-loving dinosaur known as Listosaur.com.

5 Great Caves to Visit in the United States

5 Unheralded Inventors Who Changed the World

WordPress –

Living With the Birds has been featured on the front page of word press twice. If you want to check them out, the two posts featured were Peep Pressure (as seen below) and Summer Lovin’.


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