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Mishmash and Uncle Looey

19 Jun

June 18 – Mishmash and Uncle Looey (and the accidental DIY)

I have a thing for old books. They’re fun to read, and they’re fun to decorate with. A few months ago, I read a blog post about making a journal out of an old book. (FYI: This is from one of my favorite blogs, and I’ve not added it to my Internet Favorites list yet, so you should check it out.)

So of course, I went through my apartment, looking at all my old books and picked out the perfect one to journal-ize. A children’s book called Mishmash and Uncle Looey was the winner. I made the journal some time ago, but I kept the pages I cut out for a later project.

Yesterday while Dustin was computer-ing I picked up the stack of pages and cut out our letters. I didn’t have any plans for the letters, but Dustin liked them and suggested framing the letters individually with black frames. So that’s our plan.

And that’s the story of how Mishmash and Uncle Looey became an accidental wall art DIY.


Dreaming of Vacation

9 Mar

March 8 – Dreaming of Vacation

This display of books and a globe sits on my bathroom counter, tempting me with thoughts of travel and long hours engrossed in a novel. It sounds lovely doesn’t it?


8 Mar

March 7 – Distractions

Last night I decided that I needed to move our bookshelf about a foot to the right.

I tried to move it over while the books were still on the shelf, but apparently I’m not that strong. So, I took some books off the middle shelf thinking that would make it light enough to move. (It didn’t.) I then moved up a shelf, then down a shelf taking books off. I ended up with most of the books on the floor, but I got the shelf moved about a foot to the right.

Then I had to put the books back on the shelf.

And of course, every single one distracted me.  

“I remember reading this; it was so good.”

“I still need to read that; I was so excited when I bought it.”

“I should re-read this one.”

“I’m still embarassed that I read that, but it was decent.”

I probably spent most of an hour putting the books back on the shelf, and they are no longer organized by topic. Who would have thought it would take so long to move a shelf over a little?