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Summer is here.

30 May

It’s official now, guys. Summer is here.

I spent the first official weekend of summer enjoying life as fully as possible. I had long conversations with my two best friends. I played games. I ate great food. I sat outside for long periods of time.

I would say that summer doesn’t get any better. But the season has just begun, so I don’t want to have already had the best weekend it has to offer.

Here’s a peek at my weekend that will catch me up on sharing the photo challenge. Some of the photos are poor quality, because I was too busy enjoying life to take good photos.

May 25 – Date Night

Friday night was originally going to be a time for cleaning and getting the apartment ready for our weekend guest. But my husband has this amazing power to convince me that cleaning can wait (even when it really can’t). We ended up at Jimm’s Steakhouse and Pub fora ¬†wonderful date night. I’d been there for a few business lunches, but Dustin had never been. He decided it’s his new favorite local restaurant. I’d say the night was a success.

May 26 РCleaning 

Because we didn’t clean on Friday, it absolutely had to be done on Saturday. But we did it together while listening to the radio, talking, and taking a break to catch the ice cream truck.

about the typewriter: We found this a few weekends ago in a Goodwill store in Illinois for $5. It now sits on our dresser as a home for lovely messages.

May 27 – Pie

I love pie. I think it’s one of the most wonderful desserts. My beautiful friend Sarah brought an Oreo pie recipe she’d created, and we spent our Sunday afternoon making it.

May 28 – Journal Time

On Memorial Day Dustin had to work and Sarah had to go back home. So my afternoon was very quiet and reflective. I spent time writing outside. I also wrote out my summer bucket list.

May 29 – On your mark, get set, go!

Yesterday wasn’t actually part of the weekend, but it was a busy, fun, new type of day. It was the first day of a new schedule and a new job. I’m in the process of figuring out my routine and finding a lot of things that need to be done. It’s an exciting time!

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was as wonderful as mine. Leave me a comment and tell me how you spent it. 


P.S. My sister qualified for a world horse show this weekend. She’ll be showing in Oklahoma City on her birthday, August 5. Congratulations Patti!