Internet Favorites

I love reading blogs. This ever-changing list contains the blogs I visit most often. These blogs have inspired and encouraged me; I think you’ll enjoy them.

A Beautiful Mess
This blog is probably my favorite. Elsie’s posts are filled with vintage-lovely projects, thrifted fashions and tons of tasty treats.

A Holy Experience
Ann Voskamp is the author of One Thousand Gifts, a book that I have not (but would like to) read. Her outlook on life is beautiful, humbling and relatable. My favorite post can be found here

Apartment Therapy
My go-to spot for home decor inspiration. I love perusing the home tour posts and thinking of ways to incorporate their creativity into my apartment.

Catalog Living
This blog is the reason I get incredibly excited to find Pottery Barn or West Elm catalogs in my mailbox. Dustin and I have started labeling our catalogs with Gary and Elaine jokes.

Enjoying the Small Things
Kelle Hampton’s children and photos are absolutely beautiful. Her blog is filled with stories of baby showers, tea parties and ordinary occasions made special; she truly knows how enjoy the small things. The most amazing blog post I have ever read can be found here.  Her book, Bloom, is also pretty great if you enjoy her blog.

The  Beauty Department
I rarely use the beauty tips and tricks I find in this blog, but I still enjoy reading them and seeing what is possible. 

The Bloggess
Snarky goodness at its best. If you’ve never been to this blog you should start with the big metal chicken post. Then you should read about The Traveling Red Dress Project here and here.

Today’s Letters
A peek at a beautiful marriage. I just discovered this blog, so I’m excited to spend more time reading it.

Is your favorite blog not on this list? Leave me a comment so I can check it out.


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