Random Facts

3 Sep

IndieJanePhotography just posted a list of random facts about herself on her blog. It seemed fun, so I invited myself to the party. 

-I love lists and random facts about things. (Hence, this post.)

-I don’t really watch TV on TV. I do usually have a TV series going on Netflix on my iPad while I’m working. Right now, I’m semi-watching my way through Private Practice.

-I love fingernail polish. Painting my nails is a little thing that I rarely make time for, but whenever I do my freshly painted nails can make me happy for days.

-September is my favorite month. It’s filled with county fairs, Labor Day, and my birthday. It’s also a combination of my two favorite seasons: Summer and Fall.

-My back-up career plan involves opening a vintage store filled with lovely home decor items and furniture.

-My husband is my best friend.

-I think the most despicable chores are folding laundry and grocery shopping. I always put both off as long as possible.

-I accidentally subscribed to Texas Monthly magazine, and it ended up being my favorite magazine.  As the name implies, t’s a local, Texas magazine. I’ve never lived in Texas.

-I love technology, and I use my iPad almost constantly, but I write almost everything down with pen and paper. I only use a paper planner, and I make lists on paper to remember things.

-I’ve been debating with myself about getting a library card (we recently moved) or waiting until I finish reading the books I own.

-Sitting on the balcony is one of my favorite activities.

Post a few random things about yourself on your blog, and leave a link in the comments so I can check it out. Happy Labor Day!


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