My to-do list isn’t that important.

24 May

May 23 – My to-do list isn’t that important.

For the past several weeks my to-do list has been growing at an alarming rate. Alarming because I haven’t had time to start crossing things off that aren’t incredibly pressing.

I’m fully aware that next week I’ll have the time to jump in and attack my list with all of the force it deserves. And until then, I’ve been trying to keep it organized – using a rainbow of highlighters to indicate similar projects.

But organization or not, it has been a little stressful knowing that I’m adding things to my list faster than I’m crossing them off.

And then I remembered, God’s got this.

He created the world, and He’s got a plan.

In His grand scheme, my list of things that need cleaned, people that need called, and articles that need written is not as important as it seems in my mind.

In a few weeks, my to-do list will be completely different than it is now.  Tasks will be marked off and new projects will be added. And God will still be ever-present and loving, and His plan will still be in place. There’s nothing I can do that will mess this up, because God’s got this.

The list certainley needs to be addressed, but it’s nothing to stress about.

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One Response to “My to-do list isn’t that important.”

  1. Leonard G May 24, 2012 at 4:19 pm #

    Thank you for the reminder… Needed it.

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