Art Walk, Monster Trucks, and a Former Muffin

8 May

May 4 – Art Walk

Dustin and I experienced our first Art Walk Friday night. The best way to describe our evening is to share my Art Walk-inspiredFacebook status:

“Lesson of the night: If one group of people near you starts looking around nervously, asking where the cops are and another group of people near you seems to be preparing someone for a fight, you should probably take your hot dog elsewhere.”


May 5 – Monster Truck Time

My favorite part of monster trucks is the fair food that comes with them. When you have corn dogs, root beer and a happy husband you can’t have a bad day.

May 6 – The Tale of a Former Muffin

Once upon a time, a time known as Sunday afternoon, there was an apple crisp muffin in this bag.

Apple crisp muffins were the favorite breakfast item of a young lady named Katie, and this particular apple crisp muffin was awaiting its time to loyally serve as a Monday morning breakfast.

Katie should have been as loyal to her muffin as her muffin was to her, for an evil villian named Dyson the Pooch also loved apple crisp muffins. Dyson the pooch was willing to stop at nothing to get his paws on a tasty apple crisp muffin.

And as you can see, the poor apple crisp muffin did not fair so well. He met his fate in the middle of Land Living Room at the hands of evil Dyson the Pooch.

By the time beautiful young Katie found him all that was left was one tiny apple slice and a few crumbs on evil Dyson the Pooch’s lips that were quickly licked away.

The end.


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