1 May

April 30 – Refresh

When our apartment is dirty it stresses me out.

It stresses me out a lot – even when I am not home. When everything is messy and out of order it makes me feel like my brain is messy and out of order.

That doesn’t mean that our apartment is always clean. It’s clean a lot, but it’s also not clean a lot. And it doesn’t mean I have always been a clean person either. There is an embarrassing story about peanut butter on one of my textbooks my freshman year of college that makes me cringe now. But it makes me feel so much better to have everything clean and somewhat organized.

Our apartment was not clean and organized yesterday. But then I kind of attacked it with a sponge and a sink full of water. That’s how I spent my night, and I feel a lot better and really refreshed. (And I only feel slightly lame that I am 22, and this is the second post in a week about cleaning.)


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