Long Weekend and a Road Trip

30 Apr

The blog has been really quiet the last few days. Dustin and I celebrated the end of his 10-day-long work week with a road trip to visit friends. We enjoyed catching up and eating ice cream – there was a lot of ice cream.


April 26 – Is Mike Wallace worth 5 dollars?
The long weekend began with The Friends of the Library book sale. Twice a year a huge warehouse in town is filled with tons of donated books that are for sale at super cheap prices. Most books are on sale for $1; some cost a little more. I left with a stack of books and spent $10. The only book I bought that cost more was Mike Wallace’s memoirs, and the man who checked me out tried to convince me Mike Wallace wasn’t worth that much.


April 27 – Road Trip
After a wonderful bagel breakfast Friday morning, we packed our bags, dropped Dyson off at his dog hotel, (a.k.a. The vet’s office) got the car serviced and left for Illinois to spend the weekend visiting friends. We stopped along the way to pick up another friend. It was a fun, friend-filled weekend.


April 28 – Ahoy!
Saturday was spent playing this pirate board game, thrift store shopping, and eating at local restaurants.


April 29 – Elephants Along the Interstate
Friday night we passed a giant flashing ice cream cone next to a giant man eating ice cream next to a giant pink elephant. We weren’t sure what it was, but we decided it was important to stop on the way back. Apparently it’s an antique store that is closed on Sunday, so we didn’t go inside. The ice cream stand (that is located inside the giant flashing ice cream cone) was open so we bought some frozen treats and explored there giant toys.


One Response to “Long Weekend and a Road Trip”

  1. christine April 30, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

    Looks like fun. And I think you guys earned the ice cream–10 days is a loooooong haul!

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