The weekend, holiday argument

22 Apr

I had a seemingly constant argument with my dad when I was growing up.

In my pre-teen mind, weekends and holidays were for sleeping late, playing games, and watching TV.

In his farmer and father-of-three mind, weekends and holidays were for catching up on household chores.

My opinion on the subject never went unheard.

Dad, I can’t do this laundry now. It’s a weekend.


I can’t clean my room today; I’m on Christmas break. 

He would smile and make his point clear just before he walked out the door to check on the farm animals.

You’ll find out when you’re older, you work for your boss during the week, and you work for yourself on weekends. 

I was certain he was wrong. My 12-year-old self new better. I knew for a fact that if you used your time wisely you wouldn’t have to do housework and laundry on weekends.

And yet every weekend it seemed I was back at square one, with a messy room and dirty clothes, protesting Saturday chores.

Fast forward through high school and college.

Here I am, a little less than a year after my college graduation. This weekend was the first weekend I’d had to myself in quite some time.

Dustin was working. I had no obligations. My opportunities were endless. There were DIY projects waiting to be made, blog posts to get ahead on, books to be read.

And, I spent my weekend cleaning and catching up on laundry.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow.


Enjoy my photos from the weekend. 

April 20 – work environment

I needed a short break from transcribing notes and editing legal articles, so I took a few minutes to capture my work environment. This photo shows the bulletin board next to my desk.

April 21 – Unfinished

I had several DIY projects in mind for the weekend. I was going to transform a cardboard “B” into a chevron door decoration and a cardboard box into a pretty box for storing makeup. I got one white coat of paint on each in between cleaning and laundry. Maybe I’ll have time to finish them later in the week.

April 22 – Finished

With the exception of load that’s in the dryer waiting to be put away, all of our laundry is completely finished. It’s a good feeling.


2 Responses to “The weekend, holiday argument”

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  2. pearlessence April 23, 2012 at 10:53 am #

    Your father seems to have the same mindset as mine – weekend chores, ick! Every Saturday he would be vacuuming and mopping without fail. When I was younger, I was supposed to help with the mopping, which eventually he gave up on. As a preteen, I was so bad at picking up the things in my own room for him to vacuum that he gave up and would leave the vacuum outside my bedroom door every week as a not-so-subtle reminder to vacuum it myself. Fast forward some years, and now when I’m away from home, I clean every week. When I go home, I help with the cleaning because I feel guilty that he does it all himself. Parents have a way of instilling their habits into you!

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