Easter Weekend photos

9 Apr

Typically I try to connect all of my weekend photos. But there’s really nothing that ties all three of these photos together other than they were all taken this weekend.

This Easter was unusual. I didn’t decorate any eggs. I didn’t attend an egg hunt. I didn’t attend the church I grew up in. I didn’t have ham and mashed potatoes for lunch.

But I did spend time with family, and I did spend time worshipping and thanking God for his most wonderful gift. Aren’t those things all that really matter?

Enjoy these weekend photos.

April 6 – Bath Time
Dyson is not really a fan of baths.

April 7 – Tween Birthday Saturday
My soon-to-be-12-year-old sister’s birthday is on Wednesday. Dustin and I helped her celebrate a little early with two hours of unlimited laser tag, bumper cars, go-karts and 4-D movies. We then moved on to pizza, arcade games and a visit to Toys R Us.

April 8 – Easter Flight Lessons
We bought a couple Styrofoam airplanes at Toys R Us on Saturday. They had their first outdoor run on Sunday; it was perfect flying weather.  

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