Giraffe Money

6 Apr

April 5 – Giraffe Money

In 2003, Comedian Steve Harvey said, “Michael Jackson has got giraffes – he got giraffe money. Y’all don’t even know how much giraffes cost, you ain’t ever checked on it. You don’t got that kind of money.” 

My family doesn’t have giraffes, and unless we win the lottery we probably never will. (I’m not sure my dad has accepted it yet.) But, my dad quickly adopted the phrase “giraffe money” to refer to the money spent on items that you absolutely don’t need.

The rest of the family picked the phrase up over the years, and it’s now a common phrase heard in my parents’ home.

“You’re going shopping today? Oh, we don’t have any giraffe money right now.”

“We’re going to take some of our giraffe money and go out for ice cream.”

A few months ago, my parents gave me this wonderful giraffe statue. And of course, it came with a little extra cash taped to the bottom.


P.S. Today is my dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday, dad!


One Response to “Giraffe Money”

  1. shanson3871 April 6, 2012 at 1:27 pm #

    Love it! 🙂

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