Exploring Southern Missouri

2 Apr

I’m pretty sure this is Dyson’s  Stop-taking-pictures-of-me-it’s-early face.

“All trips should begin with a sunrise.” – Dustin B.

Weekend Gas Station Stop No. 1
Dustin overheard a mom talking to her young son.
Mom: You can’t eat two bags of Skittles for breakfast. Get something healthier, like Cheetohs.
Son: Can I still get a bag of Skittles?
Mom: Yes, if you eat some Cheetohs you can also have some Skittles.  

Weekend Gas Station Stop No. 2 included watching a hungry Missouri resident wander into the gas station kitchen in search of biscuits and gravy. This stop also included new sunglasses.


On Sunday we followed a trail of bilboards to a pioneer village and discovered that it was hosting a garden show for the day. It was a peculiar place where you couldn’t really tell who was a costumed worker and who just happened to be dressed a little old-fashioned. We sipped on homemade root beer, looked at a lot of plants, and contemplated buying a cactus.

We had a really wonderful time together.


One Response to “Exploring Southern Missouri”

  1. cravesadventure April 2, 2012 at 5:24 pm #

    What a cool road trip – great pics – thanks for sharing!

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