Magical Hair

26 Mar

Dustin and I had this conversation over the weekend. He said I should share it with you.

Me: Hey Dustin, did I tell you about my new magic hair product?

Dustin: No. What are you talking about?

Me: It came in my Birchbox. It said “hair elixir” on the bottle, and I didn’t know what hair elixir was so I asked Google. The first thing Google said was “magical potion”, so I stopped looking. I’ve been putting magical potion in my hair. Does it look magical?

Dustin: Not really.

Me: I know. I haven’t turned into Medusa yet, but it’s probably going to happen soon.

Dustin: Do you want that to happen?

Me: Not really, I don’t like snakes. But, I thought maybe my hair would turn into flowers or something.

Dustin: Do you want that to happen?

Me: Yes. That would be perfect for Spring.

Dustin: And when Spring is over?

Me: My hair will go back to normal. That’s how magic works.


This conversation was on Saturday. My hair still hasn’t done anything magical. Dustin suggested that it’s probably because I’m switching between two brands of elixir, and they’re probably canceling each other out.


One Response to “Magical Hair”

  1. The Hook March 27, 2012 at 12:18 pm #

    You hair may not be magical, but the brain it covers certainly is!

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