Leap Day

1 Mar

February 29 – Leap Day

I spent quite a while yesterday thinking of the perfect Leap Day photo.

First, I thought it should be a jumping photo. That seemed to generic, and yesterday didn’t really seem like a jump-appropriate day.

Then, I thought about my pink plastic leap frog. It leaps and it’s kind of quirky, which is perfect for Leap Day. But, I don’t know where he is.

And so we have a globe.

Because if the planet took exactly 24 hours to rotate, Leap Day wouldn’t be necessary.  

And because the local news felt the need to run a story about the reason for Leap Day a little too close to the begining of their newscast, even though there were a multitude of tornados in the area the night before.

And because I still don’t really understand the logic behind Leap Day. It seems like we could have figured out a better solution.


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